Sunday, January 31, 2010

Will try again

I am motivated by seeing how beautifuly my older (and wiser) sister updates her family blog to try and get mine back up and runnning. So, here's a start "again" to my blog:

My 9 month old is doing new things every day, and every day. This evening, I saw him go from tummy back to sitting up all on his own. I'm sure that crawling will be soon- and then Chester and I will HAVE to work harder in the house keeping things clean!!!

I thourough enjoyed him this evening when he got up from a nap SUPER HAPPY! We sat on the couch for 30 minutes just laughing and smiling! He gives the best smiles!

I'm letting my weekends go by without cleaning and laundry these days, because I'd just rather sit on the floor and play with Conner. It's amazing how your priorities change with a baby.

So- maybe if I write short blogs, they will come more often. I hope you enjoy!

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